Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes: Happy Wordsandpicaversary!

Posted on July 31st, 2006

Thus ends Year One of Words & Pictures. To our utter surprise and delight, you're still here and we still have jobs. For that, Jamie and I give thanks from the bottoms of our black, fat-clogged hearts.

Thanks to everyone who reads and everyone who votes and everyone who's linked us on their site. Special thanks to all the readers who send us mail and post on the comment board; it's one thing to see numbers on a stats page and another entirely to hear your voices. Thanks for your W&P shrines, schoolgirl costume photos and descriptions of Jamie's penis.

Finally, thanks to my lifelong friend Steve Rigney for granting us a fiefdom on his webspace, which would normally be making him money instead of costing him money.

Incidentally, all those times we said everything you see here is based in fact? Yeah, um, what we really meant to say was it's 100% fiction that in no way represents the opinion or affairs of the nameless advertising agency we work for. We also never received an e-mail with the exact text you see above. Because if we had, this post would be grounds for termination. So lucky thing we didn't.


P.S. Thankful as we are, we're even more sorry that last week's words vs. pictures sucked harder than the cold vacuum of outer space. I mean, wow. We've been doing a lot of business travel for a shoot, so maybe we were jet lagged or something. We'll try hard to suck less in the future. Starting now.

P.P.S. The most popular webcomic in existence (over 2 million page views a day) is whimsically slaking its thirst at our watering hole. I find this to be a grim portent, indeed.

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