Graham Mutch

GRAHAM is the Words.
In high school he was in the chess, Dungeons & Dragons and drama clubs. He sunburns easily and disdains the physicality of outdoor activities. Email Graham

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Jamie Lirette

JAMIE is the Pictures.
He enjoys mountain biking, motorcycles, magazines with lots of pictures and movies where things blow up. Email Jamie

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What the hell is this?

Words & Pictures is an online comic strip about the adventures of a creative team in a large advertising agency. Too stupid to create avatars that would give us plausible deniability, everything in the comic is 100% true — with the notable exception of anything that would make us look bad or get us sued. That stuff's made up. New strips are posted every Monday. You can also join our mailing list to stay on the cutting edge of new-strippery.

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Who visits us?

It surprises us too. Who'd have thought we are funny/relevant/interesting to people from New York to New Delhi? Here's the list. E-mail us if you're not represented here.

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or the agencies that represent them. Neither is any harm intended towards the aforementioned brands, companies and agencies. Quite the contrary — we may well come begging for a job one day.
And really, wouldn't you rather sue Adbusters?