At 15, the web's still not old enough to view most of its content

Posted on August 7th, 2006

Wow... thematic yet safe-for-work links are going to be tough to find for this one. At 15, the Web's not even old enough to view most of its own content and once you rule out porn and piracy... well, I guess some people use it for e-mail and stuff. I guess. But, really, what's up with advertisers who bend over backwards to avoid acknowledging the real reasons people use their product? You're not fooling anyone.

In other news, the consensus seems to be that last week's debate was a step in the right direction, with the moron vote dropping from 46% to 2%. I was particularly moved by the reader who wrote "[George] Lucas is a bullfrog throated whore and Graham is right." If we ever get around to selling T-shirts, I know what the one with my face is going to say.

This week is more of a survey than a debate but no less vital to national security so, please, be honest.

Finally, How It Should Have Ended also celebrated their first anniversary last week with a very funny take on the original Superman movie. Definitely worth a look.


P.S. Just to be clear, the "tap tap" sound effect is me touching my nose and has nothing to do with whatever Jamie's right hand is doing under the table. Probably.

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