Working 9 To 5 To 9 To 4:30

Posted on August 14th, 2006

At long last, this is the comic that would have run April 10th, but for the caprice of Adobe Illustrator. It took four months of my nagging before Jamie could bring himself to recreate it from scratch. I think you can appreciate why he'd been putting it off and why he refused to even consider my feedback (I think the woman should be tapping her watch. And am I the only one who finds the 11:45 panel disturbingly sexual?).

In any event, this comic is clearly cursed. It killed Jamie's Illustrator in April and now it's hexed my Outlook. Sincere apologies to everyone on the mailing list for your empty inboxes. I hope to have the problem solved by next week.

As to the subject matter: if you ever want to piss Jamie off, just tell him that anyone who works late must have lousy time management skills. Better yet, tap your watch and frown as we leave 30 minutes early after working 32 hours straight. It's been three years since we heard the "half-days" line and it still sets him off.

Jamie and I work a fair number of late nights and, over midnight pizza in an empty agency, we've often wondered if we're doing our careers any favours by killing ourselves when nobody's watching only to stagger around slack-jawed and witless the next day. Is it more important to work hard or to be perceived as a hard worker? That's the subject of this week's Words vs. Pictures. I think I already know the answer and I don't like it.


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