Misery hates company

Posted on April 10th, 2006

Motherfucker! 3 Goddamn hours crafting a highly ambitious comic. 9 panels – all different. Gone!

And the worse part is that I'm a compulsive saver. You know, so if I do crash, at least I have a not-so-recent version to revert to.

But you know what sucks? Adobe Illustrator, that's what. It lets you trudge along like a fucking moron, completely oblivious that you've saved your work in a corrupt file. And the only way you'll know that it's corrupt is when you try to open that fucker again and Illustrator just vanishes. Over and over. Restart. Restart! YOU BASTARD!

Yeah, I tried every trick that exists. In desperation, I consulted Google to find an answer. All I got was scared (5th one down).

So that was it, Igave up – I couldn't bear to sit down and re-create the exact same thing that I just spent 3 completely useless hours on. Then came this. We've all been there, right?



Typing /played in World Of Warcraft reveals how much of your real life you've forfeited to your pretend life. As of this writing, my tally is 268 hours and 41 minutes, which makes me slightly better adjusted than the South Korean guy who played non-stop until he died of exhaustion.

Jamie would have you believe the countless hours he's lost propped in front of a television are somehow better spent. It's one of our recurring debates and the subject of this week's Words vs. Pictures. I'm on a losing streak, so this is your chance to rally to my defense or kick me while I'm down. Pity votes are always welcome.

-Graham (a.k.a. Fizgig)

P.S. If you play Warcraft, look me up on Suramar. Doesn't matter when, I'll probably be on.

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