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Posted on April 17th, 2006

You know, the Italians talk a good talk, but – in Christian circles, at least – nobody out-devouts the Filipinos. Our friend Noel (the guy in the comic) assures us that, while you'll never see crucifixions in Manila, you can't pass through the rural areas this time of year without hearing a cacophony of yelps and howls.

I would like to be the man to introduce the chocolate bunny to that culture. I'm not saying I'm right or they're wrong; I'm just saying put down the flagellum for a second and snack on a Mr. Solid and then see if you still feel your back has too much skin. Pretty good, right? That's the endorphins. Now check this out: Mr. Solid is the most godforsaken, tooth-shattering bunny in the history of seasonal confections. There's a reason they don't call him Mr. Enjoyable. Just wait until you try a Cadbury Easter Crème Egg. That shit will blow your mind, I promise you.

No bunnies for you, New Zealand. You know why.

Speaking of resurrections, I finally managed to topple Jamie with last week's Words vs. Pictures. In the words of one reader: “Anyone in advertising forfeits the right to begrudge others for wasting time.” Zing! This week's topic: Breasts. You either have them or want them, though for 10% it's both or neither.


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