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Posted on April 24th, 2006

As a quick test to segregate the industry insiders, rank the following job titles from least to most powerful:

Account Executive | Account Director | Account Supervisor | Account Coordinator

Is it just me, or do they all sound equally authoritative? I mean, who supervises the Director if not the Supervisor? Or does the Executive manage them both (under the watchful eye of the Coordinator, of course)?

The creative department also has a hierarchy:

1. Creative Director     2. Everybody else

There's more to it, of course, but the details are Byzantine and mercurial, incorporating factors such as whose last ad went to Cannes, whose next ad is destined for the back page of Ms. Magazine and, most importantly, whose desk has the best knick-knacks. The only constant is that action figures will always trump troll dolls.

(seamless segue)

Now that I've won last week's plastic surgery debate, I'm free to direct you to these extremely cool tattoos that only show up under blacklight. Your fawning intern probably has “FUCK YOU” tattooed on his forehead, and you'll never know unless you run into him at a nightclub.

This week's topic: showers. Not baby. Not bridal. The kind where you rub your naked body. (If this also describes your bridal shower, please send details to


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