Hey everybody! Lori's back! And she can talk!

Posted on May 1st, 2006

I'd conceived of Lori as a regular character before we even created our first strip, but two things kept getting in the way. First, Jamie initially had no idea how women would look in the style he'd created. He ultimately opted for a Flintstonesque “men-are-goofy/women-are-pretty” approach that's a little sad only because it's so true to how we actually look.

The second challenge, of course, is that it's really hard to sustain a story arc's momentum in a weekly strip. So, rather than three straight months of me gawking at Lori, she (and other characters) will pop up from time to time. Casual readers can enjoy each strip on its own merits, but the hardcore fans will gradually piece together a meta-story that, when perceived as a whole, will cause your mind to explode like it's been Scanned by a young Michael Ironside.

Penultimately, Kirsten from South Africa has this to say regarding last week's comic:

“I just want to point out that the creative department's job titles are also rather unfair. When I started working, I had to explain to my non-industry-insider parents that a copywriter and art director are on the same level and my AD was not my boss. How come we don't get to be Word Directors or something? When I tell people I'm a copywriter, half of them assume I'm a lawyer.” Oh, I hear that, Kirsten. I keep telling office services to put Dark Lord Of Copy on my business cards, but there appears to be some kind of communication breakdown.

Last, but not least, Jamie's out to define what makes a man. Apparently, it's lawn & garden products. Imagine my surprise.


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