Just tying up a few loose ends

Posted on December 4th, 2006

Do I begin by explaining we had some loose ends to tie up or can I just move straight into saying no way am I that fat? Jamie swears it's all in my mind, but I suspect my pear shape is his revenge for the abuse he's taken with the comic. Not the torture, mind you; he's fine with that. But he wasn't wild about me writing back-to-back six-panel strips. He still complains about this one.

To be fair, I am capable of changing shape faster than Barbapapa and I'm definitely going to finish the holidays heavier than I started. But, just to be clear: not that fat. No.


P.S. Tune in next Monday for a 52-panel extravaganza, explicity detailing Jamie's castration at the teeth of rabid badgers!

P.P.S. Since I'm probably going to kill Jamie horribly in the 52nd panel, what's the worst possible thing to be reincarnated as?

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