Two girls for every boooyyyyyy

Posted on September 18th, 2006

No comment, indeed.

To my surprise and dismay, Jamie overcame my early lead last week and won the right to die as he's lived – in contemptible ignorance. When his time comes I'll just have to resist the temptation to whisper "surprise!"before I cave in his head with a gumball machine. By reader demand, this week's debate will be "light and airy" though it still involves death on a massive scale. Expect a strong moron vote from our vegan readers.

In other news, we are now officially complete and utter whores.

For over a year, I've resisted Jamie's attempts to taint the purity of this creative sanctum with advertising. Partly because I've seen enough in my day job to know that when art and commerce fuck, they frequently beget ugly retards. Mostly because I think our audience has a higher standard for ads than "Meet hot singles in [your city]!" The tipping point was our friend Steve, whose website paid for his house. Yes. Our thoughts exactly.

Ad content is determined by keywords in our blog, so you can probably expect to see a lot about valuable marketing services plus a healthy serving of porn.


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