Today in history: Ringo joins The Beatles, the first newspaper cartoon strip is published and... ooh, I know I'm forgetting something...

Posted on September 11th, 2006

You remember what it was like. Watching it happen. Crowding around the agency TV, shoulder to shoulder with the janitor and the president. We were still struggling to grasp the first crash when the second occurred right before our eyes. And then another. And another.

After watching the end of the world on TV, I went back to my desk and... well, it was not my most productive Tuesday.

On the upside, my little girl was born exactly one year later, forever redeeming 9/11 in my eyes. At 5:05 a.m., I'll be standing over her goofy bed in the dark, watching her turn four. It's a little tradition I have that seems sweet now but will be incredibly creepy when she's thirty.

Speaking of creepy, Jamie's wife is stalking Brad Pitt, who's in town for the Toronto film festival. Jamie's totally cool with it, though. Every man understands that his partner's vows of monogamy are entirely subject to the Brad Loophole. Indeed, part of being a man is knowing there is nothing we have that Brad cannot take away, should he so desire. The Angelina Loophole works the same way, as Jennifer Aniston learned too late.


P.S. Between the comic and my daughter's birthday party, we were too burnt out to start the words vs. pictures tonight. Look for it Tuesday (no, for real this time).

UPDATE: Told You So

As promised, the new words vs. pictures is up. And depressing as hell

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