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Posted on April 28th, 2008

In a charming example of life imitating art, Jamie and I have been arguing about this comic since I wrote it.

In 2005.

Back then, my punchline was "We open on Hitler raping the baby Jesus" which went over rather poorly with my more spiritually-inclined partner. It's not like I endorse sexually assaulting tiny deities. It's just that for the gag to work it had to be the most offensive scenario conceivable. I also think that we forfeit the right to poke fun at other people's sacred cows if we can't make hamburger of our own. Still, I can't help but respect Jamie for never failing to stand up for what he believes in.

Being men of principle (or stubborn, spiteful bastards if you prefer), Jamie refused to draw it and I refused to water it down. Every few weeks, I'd pitch it again and he'd stonewall me. Two and a half years went by like this. And then...


Last Thursday, I read Dabitch's post about the Nazi-tastic cosmetics ad above. The same day, we saw Alex Bogusky at the Boards Creative Workshop, talking about great advertising not being for the timid and I knew this comic's time had come at last.

Then Jamie said no, so I changed it.


P.S. Speaking of Adolph: Worst corporate mascot ever.

Hitler Radiator ad "Declare war on the cold front!"

"We decided to use Hitler [to advertise German-made heaters] because as soon as you see him, you think of Germany. It leaves a deep impression."      -Shen Yu-shan, the K.E. and Kingstone ad genius responsible. (from Taipei Times)

No fucking shit.

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