The gentleman doth protest too much, methinks

Posted on February 19th, 2007

At just two strips, this "storyline" can't properly be called an arc (central angle x pi x radius /180 = 0) but the events of the past week have shown me the folly of locking ourselves into an episodic format, even for a short time. If we hadn't arrogantly titled last week's post "Part 1", you would have just finished reading a comic about North Korean disarmament, the death of men's magazines, the rebranding of the venerable I Love New York campaign or Britney's chrome dome. I suppose we could have worked Pepsi's underage gay grudge fuck anthem into the storyline, but I only just read the Adrants article. Damn your topicality, Steve Hall!

Incidentally, you might be amused to know that my notes to Jamie in this week's script specified that my expression in the first panel be "surprised and slightly hurt" because, being very comfortable with my heterosexuality, it struck me as funny to suggest that he was the only one who hadn't realized we were a couple. Jamie's wife was less keen on the idea and I'm pretty sure she now thinks I'm actually gay and trying to steal her husband. Which is just so... no.

In other news, I found this funny as hell:

This one cracked me up as well, but apparently it's old news. How the hell did I not hear about this sooner?


P.S. No debate this week; we're still reeling from the second draw in Words vs. Pictures history. Thanks to everyone who commented, as well. Jamie and I were delighted with how insightful (and occasionally explicit) your feedback was.

P.P.S. If you have a blog (highly likely) and you want to link to us (less likely), Jamie made this just for you:



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