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Posted on February 12th, 2007

Apparently, we've been around long enough to do a clip show. How cool is that? I only wish we'd had space to include the time Jamie water-skied over a shark or the Christmas episode where my parents threw my 10-year-old sister and me out into the cold to die.

In addition to being shamelessly self-referential, this one was inspired by the "controversial" Snickers ad. Wow, homophobia in advertising. Next they'll be using sex to sell beer.

No advertiser would dare run an ad that openly mocks African-Americans or Asians (well... not anymore), but gay men seem to be part of the holy trinity of socially acceptable ridicule (the other two pillars being fat people and intellectuals; God help the chubby fag with a library card).

Incidentally, we really did get a friendly e-mail from our gym referring to me as Jamie's husband. We had a good laugh, took it as a sign of progress and then debated whether wanting to correct the mistake made us homophobic. I'm pretty sure we would have let it slide altogether if they'd actually offered us the couple's discount.

We were actually going to use "What constitutes homophobia?" for this week's debate, but Jamie thought it would be more fun to make me the involuntary spokesman for assplay. Thus, I give you Words vs. Pictures # 39: Heterosexual Intercourse Is So Gay.


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