Jamie wants you to know “we’re geeks” in no way refers to him

Posted on January 21st, 2008

 From the frozen north he came, in the Time Before Time. Trained from birth by the warrior-scribes of the Great Library, his ice-blue eyes bear the strain of a thousand vellum scrolls read by torchlight. Criss-crossed on his back, within easy reach of ink-stained fingers, lie Rune and Sigil - twin quills forged from the soulplumes of Kanga the Feathered Worldserpent at the dawn of Creation by the Allmother herself.     He has many names. Shaper of Words. The Syntactitian. He Who Reads Until Dawn. But to his comically dimwitted hermaphrodite squire, Jimmy Le Rat, he is known simply as… Logomancer.     -Excerpt from Legend Of The Logomancer: War On The Highlords (unpublished)

I had a pretty good Monday last week. I received a nice review, a nice raise and discovered somebody translated the comic into Portuguese, which struck us as extremely cool. I also have a business trip to Vegas coming up, which doesn't suck. Still, I couldn't help but feel a little diminished when I heard from my old friend Chris Pierson.

When I was thirteen, Chris was the Dungeon Master for our lunchtime D&D game (Yes, I know we're geeks. Like you read this far without figuring that out already.). I haven't seen him since then but, while I've been busy reading books and playing video games, Chris has been busy creating them. He's published eight fantasy novels in the last decade and, while I was still paying my dues as a junior copywriter, he also created Asheron's Call – a game that, along with EverQuest and Ultima Online, popularized online gaming and laid the foundation for World of Warcraft.

Even if you don't think that stuff is cool, you have to admit that growing up to live your childhood fantasy is pretty cool, indeed.


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