Two dimensions cannot convey the horror

Posted on November 28th, 2005

And now you know what we look like naked. Worse, so do we.

We're certainly not the first co-workers to see each other's genitals (note to self: 22 days 'til the office party), but it certainly gives one something to think about when Jamie's spotting me on the bench press. Since there's nothing more I can say on the subject without triggering my gag reflex, I'm using the rest of this space to make a few announcements:

  • We make a point of not referencing the hidden links (hence the appellation) but the one you reach by clicking on my bed sheets is a classic.
  • The votes from last week are in and shock is the clear winner at 64.4%. I still think babies make terrible roach motels, but I know where my bread is buttered. Tune in next week, when Jamie sodomizes himself with a crucifix!
  • Finally, sincere congratulations to Tycho & Brenda at Penny Arcade on the birth of their son, Elliot Jacob. Also, sincere apologies this notice had to follow the last one.

- Graham

This week's assignment: finish my sentence in the second panel. Send your adjectives to I'll post the best responses next week.

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