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Posted on August 25th, 2008

Don't bother looking for it; it's been out of print for a while now. Still, I am available for school readings in any province or state where the book hasn't been banned by court order (as of this writing, Nunavut and American Samoa).

Fan Expo, Canada's largest geek event, was this weekend. I've gone in the past but I skipped it this year. It's worth noting that the guest of honour was Buzz Aldrin, meaning I'm more interested in people who only pretend to fly spaceships.


No thank you.


Boba Fett Darth Vader

I am so fucking there.

I bring up the Fan Expo thing because it's also Canada's biggest comic convention and I'd previously tried to convince Jamie we should rent some space to promote ourselves to the only people outside advertising who'd be likely to give a damn. I pretty much gave that up after I met Greg Horn last year. If a celebrated Marvel artist is selling work like this for $10 a pop, I'm not sure the market value for one of Jamie's sketches would be a positive integer.

Greg e-mailed a few days later to say some nice things about our comic, which was incredibly generous of him. If we ever create a hard copy, I'm commissioning him to do the cover, if only to see how he draws Lori. We'll polybag it and sell out the run before anybody realizes they've actually bought 288 pages of Jamie and me bitching about work.


P.S. I finally watched Star Wars with Adrianna this weekend, skipping past the severed limbs and smoking skeletons. She loved it and I am filled with paternal joy.

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