In praise of the Half Windsor Not

Posted on August 11th, 2008

Not knowing any better, I wore a double-breasted suit to my first interview as a copywriting intern. I got the job but a full year passed before they stopped calling me Clark Kent. It must have been my incredibly muscular physique.

To be fair, my grandfather had been a banker and my father was an IBM salesman who'd graduated Royal Military College and served as a naval lieutenant. I learned to tie a Windsor knot in the womb using my umbilical. At private school, I actually learned to fight with my tie. That's not even a joke. Gavin, if you're reading this, I'm really sorry about your eye.

My dress code has relaxed considerably over the years, as has the industry's.

Mad Men
THEN: Typical agency attire, circa 1962


NOW: The National Creative Conference in 2005


P.S. So, uh... my city blew up.

Toronto Propane Explosion
This can't be good for property values.

Witnesses reported giant fireballs hundreds of metres high, debris being shot into the sky and the ground shaking like an earthquake. Jamie, who lives closer to the area, was awakened by the explosions. He then cursed "goddamn kids and their firecrackers" and went back to sleep. Swear to God.

This guy could use a tripod, but it gets pretty impressive around the 10-second mark:

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