Jamie didn't find it funny. Will you?

Posted on July 14th, 2008

Jamie didn't get this one at all, so blame me if you don't like it. In my defence, I'm not sure there's much to get beyond the fact that I am deeply amused by the thought of a weeping and terrified man brutally executed by French peasants solely because of his taste in margarine.

"THANK you!" What an utter bastard. No wonder his wife looks terrified of him. If they'd shot this as a :60, I'm pretty sure you'd see him backhand Vicki a few times for being such a slowpoke with the butter. That must be why she and the children decided to drug his food. Soon he'll be dead and they'll finally be free.



Just for the record, I got it. Just wasn't terribly amused by it. And btw, never research guillotines with safesearch off.


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