On second thought, I believe I shall have the grilled chicken breast instead

Posted on June 12th, 2006

This exchange happened just as you see it, with neither of us aware that Bryant's steak-happy father had, in fact, named his son after Japanese meat. Which begs the question: what food do you love enough to turn your firstborn into an homage? Gwyneth digs apples, Claudia Schiffer loves mandarin oranges and I came this close to doing it myself but we had a girl and Cheeseburger, of course, is a boy's name. But then, a child by any name would sound as sweet.

Better yet, let's reverse the reverse-eponym thing: what kind of meal would history name after you? How would it be served? Give it a thought and let me know at graham@wordsandpicturesonline.com

Thanks to everybody who voted in last week's words vs. pictures - I was delighted to see the moron vote at an all-time low! Jamie's not so much delighted as extremely bitter about his loss. He maintains you must not have understood the question, or else you certainly would have sided with him. Jamie, if I can gracefully cede the merits of testicle-slapping, I think you can gracefully discontinue your Nazi eugenics program.

Check out this week's debate here.


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