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Posted on April 13th, 2009

There wasn't a Portfolio Night when Jamie and I were starting out and, unlike the guys at ihaveanidea, we weren't clever enough to create one. The FAQ alone would have helped me tremendously (12-15 pieces; if your spec is better than your real work, go with the spec).

One of the creators also happens to be a fan of our comic, so we were only too happy to help when Brendan asked if we could remind you about the big night. We're also following in the footsteps of our friend Ren, a.k.a. Rupert Stannick of Burnback, whose Make The Logo Bigger quickly became the anthem of frustrated art directors everywhere.

Tickets go on sale April 27 and, yes, Jamie and I will be attending the Toronto event.


Credit where credit's due

Should have mentioned that, while Ren was the face of Rupert Stannick, all of Burnback's music was written by our friends at Tattoo and sung by Peeler.


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