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Posted on March 23rd, 2009

I can't really say I was shocked to learn what agencies spend gold mining, so I'll just say how awesome it was having Adrianna in the office last week. We played ping-pong and foosball, took long lunches and broke Jamie's chair. Turns out one (1) is the definitive number of people you can safely fit in a reclining office chair. At first, I was worried we'd broken my chair, but it eventually turned out to be Jamie's identical one. Welcome back, Jamie!

I should also add that my co-workers were very cool about Adrianna hanging out in our open concept office, where conversations about Star Wars Lego are evidently audible five desks away. One guy even gave her his pencil crayons and sketch pad, which I quickly learned was already half full of his sometimes inappropriate drawings. Perhaps I seemed equally creepy when I made this for another friend's eight-year-old niece, Teya:

Mike (a.k.a Krushlor the Destroyer)

Teya named him Mike (I'd suggested Krushlor the Destroyer) and appeared to be extremely charmed by me, though she was probably just dizzy from all the spray glue I used to make the eye stay on.


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