Posted on March 30th, 2009

There are a lot of great ads made in Canada but very few that I would consider uniquely Canadian. Dove: Evolution, for example. Great spot, but it could have easily been made elsewhere and while we're all proud of how well it did at the award shows, nobody would claim it transcended advertising to become an indelible part of our cultural identity.

Here are two that did:

Man. I don't know how they play in your part of the world, but those still get me.

The actor who played Joe in the Molson Canadian spot literally toured the country, signing autographs and performing The Rant to arenas of screaming fans. No, really.

Canadian Tire's Bike Story, meanwhile, is almost certainly the most beloved ad ever made in this country and the only one, to the best of my knowledge, to be commemorated with a postal stamp.

Of course, if you understood the title of this post, you undoubtedly knew these ads by heart already.


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