Be careful what you wish for...

Posted on November 27th, 2006

Yes, this would have all been decided in the pre-pro and, yes, you don't see a lot of noir beach shoots. But these are minor fabrications in service of a Greater Truth, namely that Jamie knows a surprising amount of stuff I don't. Oh, and that the craft service table is freaking awesome.

Seriously, if your job perks don't include a team of people whose sole purpose is to bring you food all the time, I urge you to address the matter at your next review. It's the real reason creatives climb over each other for the chance to do TV. I still reminisce about the :60 where I ate five Chicken Philly sandwiches. That was a good day.

Speaking of the joys of gluttony, Happy Thanksgiving to our American readers! If it weren't for tryptophan, I don't think I'd sleep at all.

Instead of the usual debate this week, Michael Richards' racist meltdown has inspired a less, um, black and white approach. Part of the reason is I don't even know where I stand. There's no question it's been a pretty bad year for Richards, Mel Gibson and Tom Cruise. Each revealed himself in a way that shattered his public image and destroyed a lifetime of goodwill and carefully orchestrated PR. But should you let it affect the way you view their work? Can you separate the person from the performance? Do you even want to, if it means putting money in the pocket of someone whose beliefs offend you?

If you haven't commented in the past, now's a great time to do so. I'm really torn on this one.


P.S. This comic is number four in a series that started here. Stay tuned next week for the exciting conclusion.

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