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Posted on October 27th, 2008

Sorry we're late. We're in the middle of our second consecutive pitch and verrrrry sleep-deprived. Have a happy Hallowe'en!


Nov 6th, 2008

hosting probsWe've had severe Hosting issues. Sorry about the delay.



10 days late. Seventeen if you count from the last comic. Holy crap. Welcome to the bungle, indeed.  

Short version: Totally not our fault.

Long version:
  While we were too swamped to post before sunrise, we finished and tried to post the October 27th comic you see above that very afternoon... only to find we were locked out of our own site. You think you found it frustrating? We’d actually done the work on zero sleep and nobody could even see it because our (former) host dropped the ball so hard it shot out the other side of the planet at escape velocity. Adding to the confusion, Jamie had put a note up the night before to let people know we'd be a few hours late so it looked like we'd INTENTIONALLY abandoned the comic.


On the upside, while we’ve been hemorrhaging readers like a Russian aristocrat, the hosting company's screw up ultimately helped our numbers since we were getting inexplicable redirects from other people's websites.


Trying to view your granddaughter’s online baby album?
Welcome to Words & Pictures!


Trying to masturbate to online porn?
Welcome to Words & Pictures!

As amusing as I found this, I nearly wet myself with terror when I think how easily it could have gone the other way.


Trying to visit Words & Pictures?
Welcome to!

Sorry for the wait. But, seriously, count yourself lucky. Still, to make amends, everything at the store will be available at cost for the rest of the year. We won’t make a cent of profit, but if the above photos made you wish that you could have our faces covering your body, now’s the time.

Finally, groveling apologies anyone who tried to contact us and received no word or a bounced message. E-mail is up and running again, and we’d love to hear from you. Jamie and I will do everything possible to get back to you in 24 hours or less. You can also find us on Facebook, if you’re interested. Graham on Facebook Graham on Facebook Graham on Facebook Jamie on Facebook

Thanks for your patience, everybody. We’re doing everything possible to ensure this never happens again.

-Graham & Jamie


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