I'm Googling you right now

Posted on October 1st, 2007

Yesterday, at 1:36 p.m., I updated my Facebook status to indicate that I was drinking a $4 cup of lemonade at the local book festival. Almost immediately, I received a message from an old high school friend. She couldn't make it to the festival and she asked me to do a little something so she could experience it by proxy. Is it weird that this doesn't strike me as weird?

On Friday, Jamie and I chatted with Dr. Grant McCracken, one of the world's foremost cultural anthropologists. I'm not proud to report that our first topic of conversation was how funny it would have been if his parents had named him Phil. I'd read about Dunbar's number in The Tipping Point, of course, but Dr. McCracken was the first person to introduce me to the impact of social networking on self identification. I seemed to be the only guy in the room freaked out at the prospect of assimilation by the coming Hive Mind, but maybe Jamie has a Borg fetish.


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