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Posted on September 8th, 2008

Every year Klara goes down to the Toronto International Film Festival to stalk stars. Or more accurately, Star. Brad's her man. In '06 she was face to face with him, so this year we decided to take the whole family down to the Burn After Reading premiere. After wading through wall-to-wall screaming women (and to my surprise, quite a few screaming men) we heard the crowd erupt. And I mean ERUPT! Insanity. They broke through a metal barrier guarded by police like stampeding cattle. So I joined in (from a distance - I had my daughter on my shoulders). We then crept behind the photographer pit and got a nice little nook to view from. He ended up 10' away from us and sadly we had no camera. As luck would have it, however, there were a couple of people there with cameras, so a quick search on the Interweb when we got home netted a nice shot of Brad with my girl right behind him.

Brad Pitt with Calista


Michael Bay sucks. That is all.


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