The fourth panel is him digging a shallow grave for my mutilated corpse

Posted on September 6th, 2010

Jamie and I have been partners for over a decade now most of my adult life. Our Brangelina-like portmanteau around the office is "The Gramies." Like an old married couple, we've stuck together through good times and bad, outlasting our peers' failed partnerships and rebuffing headhunters who come to us with solo gigs. The analogy falls apart a bit on that last one, but you see what I'm saying.

It won't last forever. It can't. We're already pretty expensive individually; it's only a matter of time before doubling that price tag becomes a deal-breaker.

This is how it will happen. The agency will downsize one of us. The second guy would love to walk out the door in a show of solidarity but he's got a mortgage and two kids to feed. Still, we'll interview as a team and he'll quit the second we find something. Only we don't. Not as a team. Instead, the downsized guy gets an offer he can't turn down because his severance is running out and he's got a mortgage and two kids as well.

Cut to panel four.


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