On the subject of the electric god that lives in my pocket

Posted on June 16th, 2008

Last year they didn't even place, but this year RIM is the #1 Brand in Canada. No shit. I've seen 11 year old girls with them. Grandmas with 'em. And people that I'd swear to Christ are homeless with them.

What would we do without them? What did we do without them? I've only had one for the past year, and I'd be completely lost without it. Imagine if that micromanaging cock of an account supervisor had to wait more than 2 minutes for your reponse to his incessant miniscule questions about every single fucking detail of the job you've done a million times before!?!? Hypothetically, that is.

And the reality is, I'm not really that obsessed. Graham is way worse.


Here's the thing: when you have a PDA, co-workers know for a fact you got their e-mail the instant they sent it – and they want an immediate response. I know how frustrating a slow internal process can be when you're on a tight deadline and I refuse to be the bottleneck. Still, I like to think they'd cut me some slack if they knew how often I've critiqued work from a toilet seat.

In the interest of full disclosure, I should also note that we've worked on several RIM jobs, all of which made us giggle like filthy-minded schoolboys.


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