Girls kick ass

Posted on May14th, 2007

Special Exclusive Limited Time Bonus Offer: TWO Comics This Week!

Dave at Taking the Bi-Pass is on webcomic paternity leave, discovering the joys and terrors of new parenthood with his wife Tracy and their new baby girl. Needless to say, Jamie and I were very flattered when he asked us to create a guest strip. Hang in there, Dave: it gets significantly easier after the first two weeks.

We Now Return You To Your Regularly Scheduled Blog, Already In Progress...

Girls kick ass. You've read the T-shirt, but do you believe it?

I'd never encourage my daughter to be violent and when I learned she'd simultaneously fought four boys who were pushing her around – kicking one of them in the face – I told her everything grown-ups are supposed to: that she should resolve problems using her words, that violence is the last refuge of the incompetent and that she should have called for the teacher... but I was secretly proud and took her out for treats.

I've always intended to enroll my daughters in Wing Chun (created by a Shaolin nun to take advantage of a woman's strengths, it's the girliest martial art of all), but Jamie thinks it's a mistake. He believes teaching children to fight is asking for trouble, whereas I'm more concerned with the fact that one in three women will be abused in her lifetime. In a related statistic, three in three men who try that with my girls will die choking on their broken teeth.

And now, because no post is complete without an embedded YouTube video, I give you the most ass-kicking women of cinema:


P.S. I briefly considered titling this week's comic "That's Why They Don't Call It Ass-Punching" but I didn't want to associate my child with something that sounds like an S&M sex act.

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