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Posted on February 20th, 2006

One of the best things about my job is working alongside some of the most talented people you'll ever meet. The downside is that they are frequently more talented than I am which, you'll agree, is completely unacceptable. I'm not just talking about the creative department, either. I'm talking about the Account Director who's so damn funny that our meetings invariably devolve into attempts to outperform each other, going to extremes that make The Aristocrats (NSFW) seem like an exercise in restraint. I'm talking about the woman who simultaneously holds three jobs as a copywriter, account exec and fitness trainer. Mostly, I'm talking about Chris Eaton.

Chris Eaton is, bar none, the most talented human being I've ever met. At everything. He learned to juggle from a professional clown. He sings lead vocal, plays guitar and writes the songs for Rock Plaza Central. He's not Swedish, but he can speak Swedish. Pick the single thing you do better than anyone else – be it yodeling, translating cuneiform, or stimulating yourself to climax – and Chris will shame you at it. He's Jack-Jack from The Incredibles, with the combined powers of the entire Justice League.

It goes without saying that Chris is also a writer.

His first novel, the inactivist, is already required reading at Canada's finer universities. His latest book, the grammar architect, doesn't suck either. Here's a review: "The Grammar Architect may well be the best Canadian novel of the year. This is the new."

Now here's one for Words & Pictures: “I felt sad/angry after reading it. Then I puked.”

Chris: “Little did I know, this book would shake the foundation of my ad-loving soul.”

Us: “This feeble excuse for a comic strip makes one long for the comparatively witty days of 'Ziggy' and (shudder) 'Nancy.'”

If Chris wasn't such a nice guy, he'd be completely unbearable. Also, I'm at least a foot taller.


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