Apple targets the Medea complex demographic

Posted on April 27th, 2009

Sometimes, people make a fuss over nothing. Other times, a company's only crime is that their minds weren't dirty enough to see what the rest of us immediately caught.

Dora aquapet/penis
Nothing weird here.

Then there's Baby Shaker, an iPhone app where the only point is to violently shake baby after baby to death and which Apple launched during fucking SHAKEN BABY SYNDROME AWARENESS WEEK.

As Jamie and a quick perusal of our archives will tell you, I am a sick bastard with a twisted sense of humour. I'm also a gamer who's been leaving virtual corpses in my wake since Space Invaders. I am not Jack Thompson. But, seriously, who at Apple through it would be a good idea to link their brand to an infanticide simulator? Yes, they pulled it and aplogized once the shit hit the fan, but how did this ever get out in the first place? And did they really need to be told this was a bad idea?


P.S. To give credit/blame where it's due, the suicide bomber game from the comic is real and still pissing people off seven years later. Wanting to give Jamie a reference image, I made the mistake of Googling "suicide bomber game" only to be traumatized by the image of a corpse whose head had been blown off. I quickly switched to safe search but compounded my error when I checked to see if anyone had ever created an abortion game...

Fuck you, safe search. Fuck you so much.

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