Kids have to do their homework, take baths and clean their room, when all they really want to do is play. With Zoomer, kids not only get a lovable puppy of their very own – they finally get to make the rules with a playmate who’s always happy to do whatever they want. And the more love and attention they give Zoomer, the more he gives them back by performing new tricks to make them happy.

Engage with a 4-step gamified product demo highlighting the kid’s ability to connect with a digital Zoomer independently. Show Zoomer who’s boss! Tell him to dance, shake a paw, pee, roll-over, etc – all to earn digital doggy bone treats.

Social Media

The Zoomer Pinterest page is aimed directly at parents. Here we contrast the popular “dog-shaming” meme with our own “Zoomer-pride” images, reminding parents exactly why Zoomer is the superior family pet.


One of the biggest problems with real dogs is also one of the grossest. But let’s be honest: they poop. Everywhere. And it’s disgusting. So let’s call a spade a spade, and remind parents why Zoomer’s better.

A flag sticking out of our fake poop tells parents Zoomer would never make a mess like this, and encourages them to share it with the hashtag #realdogproblems.