Bell Transit DM

Transfer of Knowledge

Municipal Public Transit operations purchasing officers who are under increasing pressure to improve bus tracking (routing, schedules, and safety) and efficiency. These individuals know that they need the kind of solution Bell is offering – they just need to be convinced (as budget is always a limitation in governments) that now is the time.

The Solution
Bell Wireless Data Solutions for Public Transit! And, to help our target understand what that really means: An unforgettable DM that directly addresses our target’s transit tracking needs by actively demonstrating how the solution can benefit the efficiency of their fleet. Designed to breakthrough corporate gatekeepers, this piece is customized so decision makers understand that Bell wants to build a relationship with them in addressing their specific public transit needs.

The Results
The purchase process for this kind of technology investment is long and relies very heavily on the relationship individual sales representatives have with their customers. The success of this piece is lies in its ability to “warm the door” and begin the conversation for the sales relationship so that when Bell sales teams do call – customers will be interested and ready to build the relationship. There’s no question that this DM is a conversation starter!

Results at 1800% of target.

Cannes Lions, Echo Awards, CMA