What if? | CAA – Driven by Good™

CAA South Central Ontario and CAA Manitoba announced a new tagline – Driven by Good™. Accompanied by a new brand platform, this will create a sustained and consistent approach for marketing the CAA club brand. It will also help to express CAA values and a commitment to always doing the right thing as an organization. “For more than 115 years, we have been helping people through advocacy and roadside assistance and for decades with travel and insurance,” said Rhonda English, chief marketing officer, CAA Club Group of Companies. “CAA has been approaching business in a positive and impactful way since its inception and it is time to reflect that in our advertising and communications.” Driven by Good™ was inspired by the people who work at CAA SCO and how they strive to do the right thing for Members and customers every day. It was inspired by a vision of a world where people who, when faced with a choice to do the easy thing, the reactionary thing, the thing that best serves them, pause, and make a choice to do good.