Rogers Blackberry Enterprise Server 10

You could do it. But we can do it for you.

BlackBerry recently launched the BlackBerry Q10 (BBQ10) device along with BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 (BES10) which enables businesses to manage a mixed device environment (i.e. BB, iPhone, Android) across a range of security needs (from basic to very high level). To help businesses work with the new service, Rogers provides Rogers Advanced Business Solutions which will guide businesses through the transition to BES10 with Rogers BES10 Rapid Deployment and manage BES10 on an ongoing basis with BES10 Managed Services.

You could do it. But we can do it for you. Rogers is your experienced connected enterprise partner who can help your company deploy BlackBerry 10 and manage BES10 on an ongoing basis.

We developed a package that promised to contain everything you need to transition to BES10. Opening the package revealed a massive, intimidating installation guide. But when you open the guide, you find that it's been hollowed out like a book-safe and the only contents are a business card or your friendly Rogers Small Business representative.