Nothing can prepare you for The Orgy Of Dr. Moreau

Posted on November 19th, 2007

God help me, this is our second comic in 13 months on the subject of furry porn masquerading as advertising.* Is this the next big thing in the industry? Was there some seminar I missed? Was the Cadbury gorilla sexier before Wonderbra spoofed it?**

Still, nothing can prepare you for the Orgy of Dr. Moreau:

Yikes. Trying to identify a single "most disturbing" moment is difficult, if only because it suggests the rest of the spot is somehow less nightmare-inducing. Still, my pick would have to be the Lovecraftian horror that is Cthulhu's girlfriend:

Orangina Octopus

Thanks all the same, Miss Cephalopod-centerfold, but I'd rather not drink your 'gina.

On second thought, the most disturbing moment isn't even in the ad. Rather, it's the sudden epiphany that someone, somewhere is watching this in a crotchless bear suit with a box of tissues handy.

Orangina BearOrangina Hyena

So... are you thirsty yet?


P.S. French Jamie first appeared in last year's World Cup comic.

*A quick glance at our archives shows we've also referenced analingus, bukkake, coprophilia, onanism, anal rape, double-penetration, jus primae noctis, ocular sodomy and inexplicably attired sexy robot girls.


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