Make every shot a money shot

Posted on November 5th, 2007

One year, in lieu of a Christmas bonus, we all got mittens with the agency logo. Another year it was birdhouses the president's wife had taken a fancy to. I thought those were rather shoddy presents at the time, but that was before I knew what Dentsu employees got in their stockings.

...shortly thereafter defendant Shigeta returned with five or six prostitutes. Again, defendant Shigeta demanded that plaintiff and Mr. Weitz select a prostitute with whom to have sex. They again declined his demand, politely but firmly. Defendant Shigeta then simply selected two prostitutes for his two subordinates, by pointing at two prostitutes and then at plaintiff and Mr. Weitz, stating, "You - him! You - him!"      -Excerpt from former Dentsu America CD Steve Biegel's lawsuit against his former employers.

Man, if I had a nickel for every time my boss ordered me to make love to the Slavic whore of his choosing...

Of course, the tidbit that gets the most press is Biegel's allegation that Dentsu Holdings CEO Toyo "Make every shot a PowerShot" Shigeta snapped a crotch shot of Maria Sharapova, who may have been seventeen at the time. I say "allegation" as though the photo wasn't on every ad blog and news site from here to hell. Yeah, that alleged photo. I'm not posting it here because, if there's even the possibility she was underage, I'm not really comfortable spreading it around.*

Also, may I just say how jealous I was to learn somebody else had already coined the line "Make every shot a crotch shot"?


*Now you feel guilty for masturbating to it, don't you? You should. Unless you're 17. Then it's okay. I think. Don't quote me.

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