No Art Directors were harmed in the making of this comic. Except Jamie. He died horribly.

Posted on October 17th, 2005

It will amaze Jamie to hear me admit it, but there are a few things he can do that I simply cannot.

I have never been able to see the hidden image in one of those Magic Eye 3-D puzzles. Neither can I approach within 500 yards of Monica Belluci (though that's only since the plea bargain). Finally, the porcelain veneers on my tetracycline-stained teeth ensure I can never, ever use any tooth whitening product. Every tooth in my head would become the pristine white of newly-fallen snow — save for the two front ones. The result would be akin to a movie star's smile where the upper central incisors have been replaced by large kernels of bright yellow corn. Except in nightclubs, where the blacklight would render me toothless. Form an orderly line, ladies.

 Just as well, I guess. Jamie tells me the strips burned his gums like the fires of Hell itself.

- Graham

A compelling argument against pop-up blocking software.

Sincere apologies to anybody who clicked on the Monica Bellucci link before 07:30 EST on Monday. I knew it led to a safe-for-work Italian fansite. Thanks to Internet Explorer's blocker, I did not know it also triggered a dozen hardcore pornography pop-ups. Jamie nearly wet himself with terror when he checked the site from work — a good seven hours after we'd posted it the night before. Only a hundred or so IP addresses visited us in the wee hours of the night but, if you were one of them, rest assured of two things: a) we know we suck; b) it won't happen again.

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